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Post Script: Essays in Film & the Humanities

Areas Published

POST SCRIPT has published manuscripts on:

  • film as language and literature

  • acting

  • film music

  • film as visual art (painting and cinematic style, set design, costuming)

  • film and photography

  • film history

  • aesthetics

  • the response of film and the humanities to technology

  • interdisciplinary studies in theme and genre

  • film and American Studies

  • documentary production and ethics

  • reappraisals of seminal essays

  • book reviews and interviews

  • responses to articles appearing in POST SCRIPT

POST SCRIPT is no longer accepting submissions for publication.

We have ceased publication with Vol. 40, Nos. 2 & 3 (Winter/Spring 2021 and Summer 2021).


Questions about the journal and past issues

may be directed to:

Vivian Freeman Chaffin

Editorial Assist., POST SCRIPT


Gerald Duchovnay

Founding and General Editor, POST SCRIPT

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