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Special Topic Back Issues

Vol. 9, Nos.1&2         Double general issue
Vol. 11, No.2              John Cassavetes
Vol. 14, Nos.1&2       Psychoanalysis and Film
Vol. 17, No.1              Shakespeare and Film: Adaptations
Vol. 17, No.2              Shakespeare and Film: Derivatives and Variations

Vol. 18, No.1              Contemporary Japanese Cinema
Vol. 19, No.1              Hong Kong Cinema
Vol. 20, No.1              Akira Kurosawa

Vol. 20, Nos.2&3       Chinese Cinema
Vol. 21, No.2              Spanish Cinema

Vol. 21, No.3              Realist Horror Cinema, Part I

Vol. 22, No.2              Realist Horror Cinema, Part II
Vol. 23, No.3              Adaptation

Vol. 24, Nos. 2&3      Australian and New Zealand Cinema
Vol. 25, No.2              Transnational Cinema
Vol. 25, No. 3             Indian Cinema 

Vol. 26, No. 2             Susan Sontag

Vol. 26, No. 3             Documentary Films 

Vol. 29, No. 2             Vittorio Storaro

Vol. 35, No. 2             Films of Jacques Demy

Vol. 35, No. 3             Home Video and Media Texts

Vol. 36, Nos. 2&3      Documentary Ethics

Vol. 37, Nos. 2&3      Islands and Film

Vol. 38, No. 1             Images of Zorro

Vol. 38, Nos. 2&3     Jewish Identities in Latin American Cinema